About us

About us

Hello Friends, Welcome to UpdateYou blog your destination to Updated,  Learn, & Grow. Blog About News and Technology.
About the blog:

UpdateYou is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to technology, Sports, and we also give Mobile reviews , Movies reviews, and the Coool Gadgets reviews. 
I started this blog on 13 Jan 2019 to share my knowledge of Technology and Take  my audience updated.
I love Technologies by my heart, I am very inspired by top experts Bloggers of the world.
This inspiration in me is because I also want to help people to know about Technologies and i also want they uptodated and solve their problems related to technical or Other.
Here i am beginner But i just love this whatever it is i just love to share my knowledge, and i am happy that someone see my post whatever it is 2 or 5 not matter.
I just Loving and spend time with this.

About me :

My name is Anivesh kumar a beginner level of Blogger 😁 .
I was completed my school days  , Recently I will go in college for graduation.
From starting i have a dream that do something online because i was recently saw a video about blogging and i was soo inspiring

What are Anivesh kumar’s AreasOf Interest?

I love Blogging, Providing News and Articles, Reviews, and Update you about technologies.

[Want to Talk with Me on call?]

You can talk from sending email updatewithtoday@gmail.com with your number you want to get a call i will definitely call you back.

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