3 Teenage Life lesson | That will change you Forever.

3 Teenage Life lesson | That will change you Forever.

Money, Fame, Success they decided by two factors.

The ability to work hard and the correct career mindset. And I believe that before getting out into the real world you've got to work on improving every last bit of your mindset.

These are my top three teenage lessons that I've felt have helped me more than anything in life.

1. Lesson one people who make fun of you, people who doubt you, people who break your heart are the same people who help you grow in life. Let someone make fun of your weight use it as motivation but  that you won't do well in life use it as fuel.
Your future is only in your hands if you feel like an inferior now that's okay. Life is a constant self-improvement process so you can choose to sit and feel bad about people and feel bad about your situation or you can choose to grow in every aspect of life and become that best version of yourself.

2. Lesson number two your floors are actually much smaller than you think whether it's the acne on your face or that extra bit of fat on your stomach. The truth about life is that nobody is perfect. The truth about life is that you notice your flaws more than anybody else notices them. In this world that's full of thickness and insecurity you have to learn to love yourself.

There are things that you can't change about yourself and then there's things that you can choose to work on external factors that you can change with the help of correct knowledge for the things that you can never change like your hair your skin color your nose.

Learn to love those things they make you who you are for the things that can be changed up do your best to learn more about them the clothes you choose to wear the little factors related to your external appearance it's all changeable you're going from being a child to becoming an adult.

And all this is a part of becoming an adult with external confidence you'll give rise to internal confidence and with internal confidence you'll give rise to internal happiness you.

3. Lesson number three the biggest teenage life lesson of them all "Never let Marks define you" the sad truth is that, we've been brought up in a world where were told that Marks will determine how happy you'll be in your life, but the real truth is that Marks will only determine the first few chapters of your career five to ten years into your career.

Nobody will care about which college you're from or how many marks you've scored in mathematics. They care about how good you are at what you choose to do they care about the kind of human being you are. They care about how much love you put into everything that you do right now your parents and your teachers might be putting pressure on you but that's only because they want to protect their own reputations, when they say that you've embarrassed them it's only their way of motivating you in life.

They're just looking out for you so don't feel bad if you scored badly it's just a small dot on the timeline of your life your marks don't decide your future but the hustle in the rest of your life decides it at every stage of your life.

Hustle towards becoming that best version of yourself hustle towards loving every last piece of who you are the three point formula for success in life is this one love people.

Love your life to have gratitude for everything that the world has given you and three focus on happiness focus on all the positives of your situation and beautiful the more beautiful than you can ever imagine but it's for you to realize that.

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