How to place order anywhere from Amazon | Solve all problem regarding with Amazon

How to place order Anywhere from Amazon | Solve all problem regarding with Amazon 

Amazon is one of most trusted online marketing platform, here you can buy anything you need, but here are some people who have faced many problems to order from Amazon and today we discuss these topics and we shall tell you the right method or trick whatever it is.
So let's get started here are some problems;

Return problems

Some people ordered there product from Amazon but after getting they are disappointed or maybe the product was not like that where they think and then they wanted to return it but in some cases, they are faced problems with a return their product to Amazon.

So there are two conditions;
First case you wanted to return your order (or your product is damage) if Amazon care service available in your city. 

In this case, normally courier facility, which places your order, will contact you and take your product.

Then for this, you can simply go to your Amazon app or PC.


And then go to my order,


And then choose your product, Click on it. 


Then there is Option Review and Return, simply click on Return.

Choose any reason. Why are you return your order?

And Tap the Return Button and that's it fill your bank details or UPI address.

Whatever it is you will want to get your money in that, fill it right information.

 ( If you already have payment information on your account then, you directly got a message from Amazon related with returning).

The second case you wanted to return your order But Amazon care service not available in your city. 
But the product is still in warranty.

Then, in this case, you have to contact Amazon customer care and told them, then they will suggest you go on Amazon care.

If the Amazon care is nearby you, then Go on care and register your problem regarding your product.

But What is Happening if Amazon care service not available in your city?

Here is a little bit longer Process ;


Firstly print your invoice bill copy of 2.


Keep the first one copy and Wrap the second one with your product with Amazon box and make sure you have to use transparent cello tape to bind with the address they provide.


Then Go to your nearest Post Office and Courier it.

That's it all done it a little bit longer but it also works, Don't worry about it, it is 💯% save.

There is no option of Cash on delivery? 

So many people are facing this problem, but here is one solution to buy your product, this problem comes when you are from Village area or Small city because there were no Amazon services available.

No problem guys, if you also faced this problem and you won't get your favorite product, then from now you never faced this problem again.

Firstly normally place your order through the Amazon.


And simply select the Credit or debit card payment. (guys, it is only the way you can buy your product).


Then place your order, now its all done your product will be shipped.

Can't contact Amazon Customer executive?

Here is the number to contact with Amazon Customer executive.


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