Keep in Mind while Shopping Online | Tips for Online Shopping

Keep in Mind while Shopping Online | Tips for Online Shopping

Keep in Mind while Shopping Online | Tips for Online Shopping

As a fellow online shopper, I know a struggle I know how hard it is We browse these websites, We have these questions, We have these internal battles, What size are going with, How is that size gonna fit me is this color actually the color that I'm going to receive.

There might  This article is what I'm calling the ultimate guide to online shopping.

Now I want to clarify before to, get into this is a brief disclaimer, I don't know all and I don't expect you guys to the walk together, solution these a question we can find the answers I'm going to give you everything that I have.

And if you guys have anything drop a comment below, Let's do this together this may sound a bit cliche.
But you must know what you're looking for that is makes your job so much easier if you have an idea of what you're trying to find.

Be specific if you're looking for a jacket.
If you're looking for jeans, looking for a t-shirt, Button-up shirt if you're looking for a windbreaker

Be specific with color, Be specific with size these are things that can help you in a long run.

Most websites will have an option for you to filter your search, you can filter by those same options size color and type.
Now if you're looking for a particular item that will be a little bit easier.

I'm gonna give you tips on "How to find an item at some point" in this blog.
Now when it comes to brands that's totally up to you which brands you'd like to buy from now. I can't tell you what a shopper who does bring your money with that's up to you but, what I can't tell you is whoever you choose to buy clothes from it's up to you to keep up with them.

So you can find the hottest drops now if you have favorite brands or favorite websites to shop from my tip is to stay up with them. Now one thing that I did with all the places like the shop  list on my laptop every place like the shop now that probably is a little excessive but it does help this to keep everything in one area.

Now this is a tip I gave you guys maybe a couple years ago at this point and I was on my tips and tricks of "how to find affordable treat we're having all those websites and brands in one area".
 allowed for you to check up on them a lot easier and keep up to date I've missed out me personally, I've missed out on countless items that I would have liked to have in my wardrobe because I didn't know when they were releasing.

Now, most brands do marketer drops and they used social media platforms Instagram Twitter Facebook etc.

Now it's up to you as a consumer to follow those platforms you don't want to if you don't want to but if you want to stay up with these drops you should now I'm sure a lot of you like reowww reowww.

We don't really care about that we know that already, we don't care about that Sun this is where sweating a little bit interesting.
Now, if you found that particular item you have a shirt you like, you have a pair of jeans you like, you like that jacket on it that one website my tip is not to buy it right away.

Especially if it's expensive to do your research research research. I won't even say it enough research 😁 take that name of that little fancy item you want to buy plug it into Google do a search, click on that shopping tab, click on the Images, tab look through everything.

I guarantee you at some place on the internet another website or somebody selling the item probably for a lower cost you can also use other places like eBay or Amazon or FlipKart or wherever now that tip is.

Especially handy if whatever you want to get is sold out wherever you want to get it from. I've used that trick with countless things I can't even begin to tell you how many things. I found that was sold out or how many things I got for the low because I've used that particular method.

Now sizing is probably one of the biggest hassles with online shopping I think it's a little bit easier for us guys and it is for females however is the issue for us all now brands will give you an image of a model wearing this particular ID and sometimes they'll give you the measurements of that particular person whether it's your weight height chest whatever it is sadly enough.

I'm here to tell you that in most cases those measurements are false now I know this because I used to model for a popular online boutique or website whatever you want to call it and the measurements they had for me we're not accurate at all. I never even, as a matter of fact, gave them my measurements to begin with.

So I'm even out all knew it or thought it whatever was they weren't right we're just left to go off how these things look on other people it's not right bro it are not right if you don't have one get one especially if your online shopping it's funny.

Because I never really knew how serious or how much of an essential a tape measure was for buying clothes online but it is today's what you do if you have a t-shirt or pair of jeans whatever it is that you like the fit of already grab it measure it that way you have a generalized idea of exactly.

What you're looking for now for me I know when it comes to majority of my tops I just buy size large even if they run a little bit small little big this is what I buy, when it comes to my tees it looks like a standard t-shirt I prefer for that length to be somewhere between 27 to 29 maybe 30 inches long and as a standard length or size large t-shirt and I know this because I measured.

So if I'm looking online I see the length of a t-shirt and it's telling me that it's gonna be 28 inches long I'm good, if I see a t-shirt and it says is 26 inches long, I don't want that 30 inches long very good 31 possibly self is extended whatever those things are just really important especially if you want that fit to be perfect now there's been countless things up came across and I had to just ponder and think reowww do you really want to spend that money right now.

Is it something you need is it a necessity usually, I don't buy something and it's like still on my mind reoccurring and it's I'm thinking about it not thinking about it. I know I should go ahead and buy it if I can't sleep at night and I'm thinking about this one item it sounds stupid.

I know it sounds dumb but it's true it happens it probably happens to you as well if I saw something I wanted online and didn't buy it and I'm really thinking about it when I'm going to sleep chances are I'm going to roll over open my laptop and click buy or when I wake up in the morning I'm just gonna buy it that's usually what happens but if I can hold off just a little bit I know for sure.

I can find that item cheaper patience is a virtue. I cannot stress that enough just be patient and you can find what you want and spend less money doing it be aware that you may come across some fake stuff it's out there we're all aware of it oh boy those replica sites at all costs.

Don't even do it don't bro don't do it no it but at the same time the objective part of our mind it's like you know if you want to do that just do that I mean it I don't think there's nothing wrong with buying fake clothes or fake shoes it's just something that I personally don't like to do.

But if you want to do that didn't do you owe me do you Who am I to tell you what to do I know buddy I'm sugandha Internet now once you got that website that you want to buy it from slide over to Google and search for promo codes.

Listen here my job is to help you guys save money and of course save money myself. They wouldn't have promo codes they didn't want us to use them it's just that simple slide over to Google type whatever brand is you're looking for promo codes scroll down the list some of them may not work and sometimes you may just find out one thing that's gonna save you like 20 30 bucks or something like that or gives you free shipping no matter what it is you're still saving something.

Now it's funny that's how you guys read reviews because I like to read them but for whatever reason, I don't leave them, I don't know why but I guess and me doing this and my way of doing it and having this platform it's kind of reviewing, I was for you but I don't go back to websites and type up a review and by that time for all that but I still read yours though.

I'm terrible now about reading reviews it can help you decipher a size it can help tell you if the color was right it can help clarify a lot of things for you if you just take the time to read through them and go through the sort through and find what you need now beware there's going to be good and bad for everything.

So don't think that that's going to solve your issue or your problem or just give you all the answers in the universe and it will happen as I said before the beginning of this blog.

I don't know all if I fail to mention something that you may know over that helps you just drop it below this help us all out in conclusion if you shared this blog  you know what to do if you like more these step-by-step how-to guides or whatever let me know I can try to do more of these thank you for reading I'm gonna catch you guys in the next one peace thanku.

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