Oppo K1 Unboxing & full Review | In surprising Price, Best smart phone ever in this range.

Oppo K1 Unboxing & full Review | In surprising Price, Best smart phone ever in this range.

Hi there this blog we'll be doing the unboxing and review and have a look at this Oppo k1.

Which is actually a new smartphone by Oppo and this would be the first fall from Oppo to be android one and this would be sold in India wired flipkart. 

This is a review net so I don't know the exact pricing but this is part by the Snapdragon 668 sourcing and this also has a AMOLED screen and in display fingerprint scanner and their price is not quoted here but I'm assuming considering the specs that we are getting 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 GB.

Snapdragon 660 in display fingerprint scanner it should be about 17 to about 18 thousand. 

This box looks like just two SIM tray we also have a sim ejector tool over here, and we also have the case in this one nice to see that. They are bundling this transparent case in the box.

So this is the device itself as you can see and the thing is that this one else also having in display fingerprint a scanner and I really like this color scheme even the Oppo-R17 pro.

 that I had unboxed had this gradient sort of a finish so actually looks pretty cool as you can see, but we'll come back to the handset bit later.
Let's know what else do we get in the box, so that's nothing much and you do get a headset I was not expecting that because many of the phones these days are omitting the headset what looks like Apple earpods very similar to that.

But we also have a button here to take calls and our integrated microphone. There is micro USB port not type C and let's look at the charger and guys it's a normal charger that is 5 volts act - and so that's what we get in the box.

Let me take these things to the side so guys this is the handset itself and let me give you a physical overview first this one has a six point four one inch screen it's an AMOLED screen that we have and on the top we here a secondary noise cancellation microphone.

And on this thing just power on/off button nothing else bottom we have 3.5 mm headphone jack, main microphone, microUSB port for charging there is your speaker and on this end we have the volume rocker up and down and even the SIM tray is over here.

Let's have a look at the symmetry configuration and itself tell you this is the forum by the ram or that comes with 64gb of storage and good to see that we have a dedicated micro SD card slot, so that's actually nice on this one.

And moving towards the back we have the dual camera setup whereas the front facing camera is a whopping 25 megapixel so let me do one thing guys let me try to just power this on and by the time it actually boots up.

Let me give you a configuration overview this up okay one is having a six point four one inch chef. Full HD plus am let's cream in the nineteen point five nine aspect ratio its part by the stamp rack and six sixty processor which is octa-core processor. 

It has the Adreno fight well GPU it comes with 4 GB of RAM it 64 GB of internal storage it has in display fingerprint scanner.
Moving to the camera it's a dual rear facing camera 16 megapixel and 2 megapixel for depth and front facing camera is a 25 megapixel shooter.

It also has a 3600mah with the battery so guys have finished setting up this device and here is in display fingerprint scanner and it's nice to see that we are getting him display fingerprint scanner even in this price point earlier.

It was just limited to high-end devices and as you can see it has a six point four one inch screen it's a full HD AMOLED screen so nice to see that we are getting an AMOLED screen.

The handset actually feels a very light red simply does not feel heavy transferring that it has a six point four one inch screen and again it is running on color OS which actually oppo uses so.

No app frame and again some quick toggles over here and if you go towards the setting and if we go to about the phone you can see it's running color OS version 5.2 and Android version is still or you so hopefully we should get Android by update on this one.

And if you just go back about the phone let me also see how much storage is actually left processor as you can see the Snapdragon 664 gigabytes of ram and all of that 64 gigabytes about forty seven point two gigabytes a space that'll be left but again.

I don't think so storage should be a problem because it also has a dedicated micro SD card slot and it also has face unlocking I have disabled it to show you this fingerprint as you can see and I mean looks fine and you can also enable face unlocking with this one as it's an open phone I'm also assuming that the camera on this one will be also good.

So let's actually look at the same and if we open this one and pretty minimalistic camera interface as you can see you just have this one X and if you press it's actually zooming should 2 X. 

So we have those two options let me take that snap and yes like that we also have Beauty mode and all those things we also have the portrait mode but I think so that'll work the best we also have less lightning effects so this is actually nice I like that you are having this flame light this different types of right so that's nice and the portrait mode you have that effect so that's actually pretty nice.

And let's look at the front-facing camera it's supposed to be 25 megapixel and looks like Beauty face is sort of enabled by default I'm just disabled at AI Beauty it says so I just took that we also have high dynamic range.

Auto option you can see like this so those options are also there we also have this is the depth effect obviously with the front-facing camera so let me do one thing guys.

Let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera some samples taken at my roof garden and this wasn't morning and good light and as you can see as expected it did a good job the color accuracy and the sharpness is there in the pictures.

And yes in bright sunlight it is doing a very good job as you can see and now these pictures were taken around the sunset when the Sun had set so sorrowful low lighting conditions and even these situations as you can see in fact it did actually a pretty good job.

In the normal mode it also has that bouquet mode so here, I enabled that bouquet more and as you can see for the most part it does a decent job here I felt that the bouquet got very aggressive.

Now moving to front-facing camera again that's a 25 megapixel front-facing camera hence the pictures came out to be really cut. And here I am able that bouquet portrait mode with the front-facing camera and as  with that portrait mode with the front facing camera.

It's doing a good job I feel for the most part it actually did a pretty good job considering that it was artificial and low lighting conditions.

And here I enabled that portrait bouquet mode with the rear facing camera an artificial lighting conditions these were taken with the front-facing camera in artificial lighting conditions and I did a good job and here I enables that portrait bouquet mode with the front facing camera and artificial lighting.

So definitely I feel camera is a big strength of this device not only the rear facing camera but in fact the front facing camera is also really good.

But anyways what do you guys think about this  Oppo K1 do let me know in the comment section below so anyways guys that's it for now.

Thanks for reading and do share if you like the specifications of Oppo K1.

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