Oscar's wining films | Must watch these Movie at least once in your life

What is the story of these films, who wants to give Oscar jurisers Best Film Award?

These films are going on in the Oscar's best film race this year, know the story of these films.

The movie award for movie fans who are waiting for movie fans from all over the world is Oscars. The Academy Award is the annual award given by Hollywood celebrity jury and it is considered the world's most prestigious award. This time the nomination of the 91st Oscars has been announced. We are telling you what is special in the films selected.

Black Panther :

This is the world's first superhero film, which has been nominated for Best Film in Oscars. Superhero's films such as Batman, Superman were rejected by saying as Aaj Tak comic film, but the path of the Oscars for superhero films with Black Panther has been opened. Earlier, these films were only remembered for the special effects. The story of Black Panther is the story of Marvel's 'Black' Avenger. This hero, who lives on the fictional place called Wakanda, protects the world by wearing a special suit. Black Panther is the story of the emergence of this African superhero, where two brothers fight each other for the throne of Wakanda, and the complete offspring breaks into two parts. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the main cast of the film is Shadwick Bosman and Michael B. Jordan.

Black Klansman:

Based on the 70s, this story puts the American racist in front and behind it. When a black police officer does not accept his partner, he establishes himself as a detective and wipes out a big gang in the city, a well-known Ku Klux Klan. John David Washington is the main actor of the film and he has done a great job in this film. This movie has been appreciated all over the world and this is due to the fact that the film has shown the ground reality of discrimination with blacks.

Bohemian Rhapsody:

The film was considered an Oscar contender, with the release of the trailer of the film made on the British rock band 'Queen'. He is known worldwide for the song 'We will Rock You' for the Queen Band. The movie revolves around Queen Bands lead singer Freddy Mercury's life. Built on a budget of Rs 50 crore, the film has a turnover of more than 800 crores and the film's actor Rami Malek has been selected for Best Actor.

The Favorite:

How two women hide their mutual relations inside the royal royal family of Britain and how the game of Satta lives in a few hands, looks beautifully in this movie. The woman shows the story of the basics of power around gay relations. Olivia Coleman, who played the queen in the film, has also been selected for Best Actress.

Green Book:

A White American Bansur gets a chance to become a driver of a black piano player for some time. Both make a long journey together, because the piano player needs a driver for his concert. During this time, there is a compilation of events between the two 'Green Book'. What is the pain of being black? This 'white' Tony understands and donates a friend who has become lonely even when he is famous all over the world. Actor Viggo Mortenson has also been chosen as Oscar's Best Actor.


This Mexican film on Netflix has found the love of audiences around the world. Alfonso Quiron, however, has directed Harry Potter Part 3, but his films are known for the depth of human sensibilities. The film tells the story of a family between political intolerance and student rebellion, as the director considers the story of his childhood. Filmed in Black and White, this movie reminds you of old movies.

A star is Born:

If you have seen the Bollywood movie 'Aashiqui 2', then you have also seen this movie. A drunken singer gives his education to a girl and during this time she falls in love with the girl. What is the story of this film that is done with alcohol addiction and love of madness? For the first time in the year 1937, the film was made on the screen with the plot and it was remake after Bollywood 'Aashiqui 2'. For this remake, Bradley Cooper and known pop singer Lady Gaga have worked in this film and Lady Gaga has also been selected for the Best Actor.


Like recently, the 'Accidental Prime Minister' came in India, similarly, the film is made on Vice President Dick Cheney's film, The Voice. Dick Cheney was Vice President during George Bush's tenure and he is considered to be the most powerful vice president ever. Like the Bollywood movie Accidental Prime Minister, there is also a facilitator in this film who keeps telling the story. Actor Christine Bell has received praise for his awesome makeup.

*Must watch these Movie at least once in your life all are my favorite, Do share.

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