Tackhraye full movie review, Know about Bal thackraye | Tackhraye full movie review

Tackhraye full movie review, Know about Bal thackraye | Tackhraye full movie review

Tackhraye full movie review 

Tackhraye full movie review so we finally saw the other biggest release this weekend and it was talked. Let starring nawazuddin siddiqui a biopic made on the controversial political figure and founder of the ship scene from Maharashtra by thackraye 

Now before I get into the review of the films I want to tell you that I'm not going to keep any political stance in my review but objectively judge the film as a movie rather than focusing on what is right or wrong with the methods utilized by the notorious figure in real life as a story I will judge whether most of the decision made by the protagonist in the film made any sense.

Now here's presenting the good and bad aspects of the film the only take away from the film is the exceptional performance by nawazuddin siddiqui proving yet again that he is one of the most versatile actors in the country today a lot of journalists while Siddiqui was giving several interviews asked him whether his political ideology came in the way before saying yes to the film or whether he was scared of the backlash he would receive - even poetry such a role in my opinion this is not an actor's job it is actually a challenge for an actor whether he can transform himself into thakraye and see the took up that challenge I did a praiseworthy job nobody questions Christian Bale's political stance when he portrayed the role of Dick Cheney in Vice nobody questioned stance when he portrayed the role of Dick Cheney in Vice nobody questioned Meryl Streep's political stance when she played Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady an actor's job is not to say yes or no to a role while still thinking about his own moral compass and whether he believes in the same things as the character does that's why I feel for Siddiqui to take up the role should not be questioned the fact that he did it and being totally blunt was the saving grace of the film is a big takeaway,
Now there are many things that did not work and here is just listing some of them that led to the film leaving us disappointed rather than impressed no character are one of the biggest takeaways from any biopic is the character of the protagonist how through multiple interactions and experiences the individual becomes the personality he or she is , for example in money Karnataka the reason for Rani Laxmi Bai to be the way that she is is because of her upbringing and being raised just like a male pairs.
The reason for Paan Singh Tomar transformation to become a dacoit is because of the injustice and lack of respect he got from official when he served for the government in terms of this film Bal thackraye who starts off as a cartoonist only to become a social worker can be closely involved in politics believes in the same ideals and virtues as he did in the first frame of the film characters appear for brief periods of the time in the film with little to no impact on his personality he believes what he wants and there are no questions asked even if it is against the law

Tackhraye full movie review

Bal Thachkraye

The origin the main aim of Bal thackraye story is to showcase the injustice that is caused to the local population of Maharashtra specifically Mumbai in getting hired in several businesses the film tries to show how business owners who belong to other states set up their practices in Maharashtra but are unwilling to hire the local population when the air india head says that he only hires qualified personnel which is a valid argument he says that he should change his policy bal thackraye himself was hired as a cartoonist being local to the state and resigns from the job a decision that he takes himself there is nothing shown in the film to showcase qualified Maharashtra not getting semi skilled or unskilled jobs he argues that it should be their right first to get hired irrespective of their qualifications the reason for his opinions never tracks back to something substantial to justify his stance

Unknown information one of the fascinating parts of biopics is to get to know information about characters that the masses didn't know in this film however even though we are introduced to thachkraye's family everything is presented at the surface level not really giving anything away than the public image we already knew about Amrita Rao as the wife has little to do in the movie but is by his side throughout the film we never really get to know what led to his ideology or opinion what work or philosophy influenced him to think like that we are only showcase what we already knew.

Disconnected storytelling one of the main reasons for tatras failure as a film is that it presents the movie like a history page that covers each event like bullet points everything just briefly goes to the next event which affected the ship scene even if there wasn't a substantial conclusion or stance to the event there seems to be no effect post many events and the movie just carries on as if nothing happened.

Don't question him the interesting aspect of the film is that there is no doubt that it shows Bal thackhraye as a hero but it doesn't even try to showcase another side to the argument in Sanju at least they try to showcase another side of the story mainly show him as a victim of circumstance but in this film it's literally like still live though live or hair situation and every character surrounding him nods their heads and abides by whatever he says in the court he says we are not pulled down Babri Masjid from hand we pulled it down from our legs and everyone just lost and carries on to the next topic I said that was a valid answer he in a meeting says that he believes in a democracy and when a man suggests a coalition a ship seen a member draws a knife there a solution brought by him there are accusations hurled at him and he doesn't deny them literally stands there and says it is what it is.

So guys if you are a Nawazzudin Siddiqui's fan then the film is for you as you will just marvel at his amazing performance but as a film it suffers through so many flaws and just seems to be a history lesson on the events balthackhraye was involved in I was quite disappointed.

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