Best Outfit For Mens | In winter 2019

Best Outfit For Mens | In winter 2019

Best Outfit For Mens | In winter 2019 Best Outfit For Mens

Best Outfit For Mens ,Winter it's that time of the year where the fashion rules change up completely that's why , we are bringing you the top 12 winter clothing tips for men in India so let's go;

  1. Tip no. 1 give priority to sober elegant color we are talking about brown green navy blue and olive green , you wanna take a little bit further maybe you go for maroon but I wouldn't even go that far , why because good winter clothing is using slightly expensive you want to save on the money and you want to buy versatile options if you are talking versatile we are talking about sober colors like I just spoke about .
  2. Tip no. 2 the biggest style mistakes that Indian Bros make during the winter is that they either go for overly bulky clothes or they go for clothes that don't fit perfectly bulky jackets specially during the winter time are meant for better for bitter cold wether something that we fortunately don't really have in India and to be honest bulky jackets you look shorter fatter and just not that stylish unless you are in coal country have the physique to pull it off so I really try going for slightly thinner jackets and if they are not serving the practice porpose of keeping you warm then try layering your clothes that's one way to get away with it and as for taking about fit the downside to shopping for winter in India is that there are very fixed sizes and do not get that much variety in terms of size so ideally try buying jackets that ends exactly at your wrist if it ends beyond your wrist or too high above your wrist that means it is the wrong size for you now if the jacket ends exactly at your wrist and if you zip it up it is slightly tighter than you would like that still alright , remember jackets are expensive pieces of clothes and rather than going for slightly losser jaket that would not look stylish you would rather go far jacket that is slightly tight when you zip it up just avoiding zip it up and to keep yourself warm use layered clothing once again .
  3. Tip no. 3 winter clothing is slightly expensive so you should not buy too many jackets in the first place in my opinion if you want to pick out one piece of clothing buy a very smart black jacket why do I say that because it is most versatile piece of clothing that you can buy for your self in winter you can pair it up with colored t-shirts , you can pair it up with plain t-shirts and you can even paired it up with a shirt that is the no. One piece of clothing you should own in winter as a guy you can go for a let her jacket you can go for synthetic jackets that looks good if You wanna be a little more adventurous you can go for a let her jacket with those fancy collars a biker jacket, I am personally not a huge fan of it but if you believe that you can pull it off why not .
  4. Tip no. 4 cotton are for summer and denims are for winter buy yourself a blue pair pair of jeans buy yourself a black pair of jeans and these two pairs are gonna go well with any winter outfit you can pair them with hoddies with jacket with absolutely anything in the book the denim might work for most casual occasions but if you are going for formal ocassion you might not able to wear denim jeans instead of denim jeans go for chinos go for formal pants or go for woollen pants if your pants are not keeping you warm enough then you can wear thermal clothes inside your pants and that will do the trick
  5. Tip no. 5 we are talking about foot wear jacket in general a slightly formal slightly semi formal so you want your foot wear to your winter clothes we are talking about lather boot, brown lather boots go fantastic with jeans that's a classic combination that will go with almost any winter outfit if you are for formal occasion wear black leather shoes or you can even wear brogues that's a fantastic brown colored shoe option for almost any out fit, if you're someone who likes wearing casual shoes unfortunately they are only going to go with a few jackets and may be a hoodie so if you are wearing a casual hoodie or a casual jacket that is when you might be able to away with say wearing white sneakers that will look great
  6. Tip no. 6 we have got a talk about jackets this year and probably till a few years from now now Bombo jackets are gonna be in Bombay jackets and those Jackets similar to the jacket worm by the U.S. fighter pilot they usually have a little bit of trim around the neck around the piece around the wrist they etremely stylish and to be honest lots of trand I do feel that it's kind of like an evergreen fashion once the slightly on the expensive side show you one of my limited color options you can go for a black jacket or you can also go for a very smart navy blue jacket like in this case and other extremely versatile color remember go for the same sober base color I spoke about now I also believe you should not go too jazzy with the pattern on the jacket but if you want to add little bit more personality to the jacket you can go for the patterns like I have shown you all in this navy blue jacket those little pattern on that piece of clothing just amp up its personality if you feel that you will be able to to pull off that design then go for that but also keep in mind do not wear a jacket with too many pattern too many design too many intricate things going on in it.
  7. Tip no. 7 on in so next we got to talk about layering essentials we're talking about a white t-shirt and a black t-shirt doesn't really matter if it is a round neck or a v-neck but it does matter that you have it in your closet matter that you have it in your closet primarily because you'll be able to wear this in summer as well the only rule you've got to follow by layering your clothing is that you don't want to go for other colors other than black or white maybe you can go for grey but nothing beyond that not even maybe blue you can pair it with hoodies you can pair it with jackets and above all you can pair it with a shirt for that classic elegant formal winter look
  8. Tip no. 8 that's exactly what we're talking about the formal winter look if you go to wear a shirt in the winter ideally try layering it with a white t-shirt or a black t-shirt inside and also keep in mind if you're entering someone's house first ask if you can take off your jacket and keep it somewhere if they don't have a stand for jackets then when you're sitting down for dinner place your jacket on the chair and then sit for dinner also keep in mind very importantly if you're good a pair or shirt with a jacket it's got to be a more formal looking jacket once again go for clean black jacket and also very crucial if you're pairing a shirt with a jacket you've got to tuck your shirt into your pants remember that
  9. Tip no. 9 sweaters and woolen clothing few ground rules very simple colors not too many patterns just one base color and maybe one other color other than the base color like in this case base color olive green the other color is white on the logo and there's just this element of black on the sweater very simple very elegant most bros go wrong by wearing patterned sweaters pattern woollen clothing just keep it simple but also keep in mind woollen clothing is very difficult to take care of you can't hang it up in your cupboard you gotta fold it up keep it inside your cupboard you can't wash it yourself ideally got a dryclean it at the beginning of winter and at the end of winter also working mothballs with your sweater and you can't keep your sweater in a very cramped area you got to give that material a little room to breathe and in case it gets stained god forbid then only dab it with a little bit of cold water and a little bit of club soda that'll do the trick ideally I'm not suggesting that you guys go and buy your sub judice metals they're very difficult to take care of but they do look extremely stylish
  10. Tip no. 10 we're talking about hoodies personally I'm not a huge fan of wearing hoodies by themselves they're a very casual piece of clothing they make you look very boyish the meant for teenagers what you can do is that you can layer your hoodie with a t-shirt to make it look a little bit more stylish or even better layer your hoodie with a jacket if you're an extremely cold weather the combination of the two makes the outfit look much more mature off and also keep in mind very importantly go for sober colors when you're choosing hoodies and try buying a hoodie that can open up from the middle not those hoodies that you wear and then you can't open it up
  11. Tip no. 11 we're talking about accessories primarily meant for very cold weather so it doesn't really apply to India but if you've gotta wear accessories keep these rules in mind don't wear monkey caps you're not an uncle and neither are you a six year old child go for skull caps instead they look much more sober much more elegant once again go for sober colors and the final rule you've got to keep mine is the rule of scarves yes they look very elegant can completely elevate your outfit can add a lot of personality your outfit can add a lot of personality to your outfit but they do make you look shorter irrespective of the kind of stuff you're wearing it makes your neck look thicker I wouldn't suggest that you go and buy yourself a scarf if you're a shorter bro but if you believe that you go and buy yourself a scarf if you're a shorter bro but if you believe that you can pull it off then be my guest and finally moving on the tip number
  12. Tip no. 12 we're talking about a very simple point watches and belts very simple rule go for brown the color Brown any shade of it is a warm tone if you pay attention to details like this remember if you wear like a brown watch a brown belt Brown shoes it increases the warmth of your overall outfit and that contrasts well with the mood of windows that's why it'll look fantastic obviously if you don't have brown wash or if you don't have a brown belt you can wear a black watch or a black bench but just try matching the color of your shoes to the color of your belt either way guys that was 

Try these mens outfit I am sure it will take you next up level , if you like my article then do share .

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