Indian Army Day 2019 | World's 2nd largest officers & Soldiers.

Indian Army Day 2019

2019 Army Day parade was held on its 71st anniversary. Leaders, celebrities and citizens flood , messages for men and women in uniform who safeguard our country.

India has one of the finest armies in the world. Indian soldiers have proved their mettle in all theatres of wars since prehistoric times, in recent times Indians soldiers were sent to the Congo, Suez, Indo-China and Korea on missions of peace.

During the last two World Wars our soldiers fought in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and won laurels for the British Empire. Indian soldiers served in France and other countries also.

They helped to bring Hitler and his armies to their knees. Wherever they were sent, victory was theirs. It goes to the credit of the Indian Army , that the first Victoria Cross went to the credit of an Indian soldier.

Indian soldiers have never surrendered. Their motto has always been "do or die". In the India-China war of October-November 1962 and later in the Indo-Pak war of September, 1965 one Indian soldier killed many times his enemy counterparts on various fronts.

If India retreated in the India-China war it was not for want of courage but for want of adequate weapons which the Chinese had and we did not. hi fact our soldiers were not even adequately clothed. As an American paper said, our soldiers were fighting on icy tops of the mountains in summer uniforms.

I am glad and proud to be indian and you ?

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