How's the first hole Punch Phone | Huawei view 20 review.

How's the first hole Punch Phone | Huawei view 20 review.

  How's the first hole Punch Phone | Huawei view 20 review

Hey what's up guys, you know how for the past year or so pretty much every smartphone that's come out has had some sort of notch in the top in the middle that's just the way they've been.

I've said it before and I'll say it again the most interesting designs that we've seen for the past couple months were smartphones trying to avoid the knotch well it looks like for 2018 that that's gonna be how we get away from it that's the avoidance of the knotch so this is what I'm gonna call the hole punch,

So yes of course different things Samsung will call it the Infinity Oh display this one we have here is the honor of u-20 from Huawei they don't really call it anything so we'll just call it the hole punch so there's all kinds of interesting things about this phone from the blue Chevron back that changes the way it looks depending on how light hits it which is really cool to the four thousand milliamp hour battery to the 48 megapixel main camera the six GB of ram but what, I'm here for is the hole punch display so this particular version of the hole punch is through an LCD display so not an OLED and it's a six point four inch 23x10 by 1080 display so not the highest resolution but it looks alright and you can see if they've pushed it to the edges like a lot of other phones this past year but instead of having a notch for the front facing camera they've gone all the way up to the corner and there's this hole punched cut out in the top-left corner of the display so as far as we can.

Dual Sim, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, Wi-Fi

Octa Core, 2.6 GHz Processor

6 GB RAM, 128 GB inbuilt

4000 mAh Battery with Fast Charging

6.4 inches, 1080 x 2310 px Display, with Hole Notch

48 MP Dual Rear + 25 MP Front Camera

Memory Card (Hybrid), upto 256 GB

Android, v9.0 (Pie)

Tell this is the future of smartphone design avoiding the knotch in 2019

We knew it was coming and it's one thing to see the leeks and the renders and another to actually see it  in person the first thing that strikes me is it's bigger than I thought it would be I mean I saw the renders and I think they were a little generous with how small they thought the aperture for the camera opening would need to be but putting in a full camera module means you'll need the full camera opening and it's noticeable but you know still not too bad but then other things I noticed were really specific to this exact phone's implementation of the knotch for example it's not centered even in the rounded corner of the display it's a little bit above center to be tucked further into the notification bar so as not to interrupt apps below it which makes sense but it's really hard to unnotice that it's not centered and have kind of wish

Huawei view 20 

I didn't notice that like as part of the aesthetic of the phone is it just looks a little bit off and then there's also a slightly darkened area around the whole punch as if there's a little added shadow surrounding it I reached out to why way about this and they haven't gotten back to me yet but I'll add a pin comment or a tweet or something if I do but as of right now I think it's added in the software because there are other places in the UI where there's similar shadow added like the bottom of the display and party mode or even in the launcher or in other way apps if that darkened area is because of like the way the display is built because of the hardware or the way the LCD and the backlight work that's a different story that OLED may be able to solve when we see it in future phones but as of right now it appears to just be with this phone and the fact that the whole rest of the notification bar is shaded it's you kind of don't really notice after a while anyway but if you look at it for long enough you will notice and then overall you got to think about apps and so far our apps play with the whole punch pretty much the same way that they played with the regular knotch meaning they ignore the whole space all the way up at the top there's a section in huawei settings they still call it a notch but they let you hide the notch like go away is that just blacks out the whole top of the phone and for the most part full screen apps play pretty well with it with literally just a hole in the UI just a hole in the app simple as that you can watch the videos with a hole in the screen you can play games with a hole in the screen it's something to get used to just like the knotch and there are also some apps that do look kind of weird right now because of things like text up in the corners or some weird overlapping elements things that wouldn't have looked quite as weird with a regular notch in the middle but again I think people will get used to it and apps will update as well but yeah that's as far as the hole punch that's pretty much it.
I think the more phones that we see start to do this hole punch camera cutout the more clever ways we'll see of hiding that hole punch and with like things like dark wallpapers and clever gradients and things like that but now what we got to stay tuned to find out is what other phones will have the hole punch cut out so there was the Huawei nova 4 that was at CES that had the hole punch already that I got to hold and take photos of and play with briefly that's gonna go on sale and of course we all just saw the samsung galaxy s 10 event that got announced for the end of February we're all expecting that to have not only a single camera cut out but the larger one should have a dual camera cut out so we'll get to see how the highest end displays will work with and twice as big of a camera cutout him super ready for that and I still, I still wish someone would do it in the middle like there's no notifications in the middle there's time isn't in the middle that's where no information usually needs to be that's where the not usually was but as of right now seems like the corner cutout is the most popular implementation of avoiding the knotch in 2019 welcome to the new year either way let me know what you think would you rock this phone with the cool sparkly back.

Would you rock any phone with a back would you rock any phone with a hole punch cutout in it let me know to think in the comments below thanks for reading my article.

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