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    Crazy Tech Replacing Smartphones
Future will be there Welocome to the Gadget's Would

Friends we using different and unique types of phones , but hear if we saw second side we feel how boring it is that from previous many year we hold a rectangle .
In which we get little differences But friend in future there will be changes then here what things will be which replace smartphones .
So here friends in this blog , I told you Which types of phone will we seen in future
So hello friends , Let's get started

Here we got different different features in our smartphones that how notch comes out there is drop notch , Point notch , Notch less , Full screen , How's camera Is so Damn , Bigger battery , Powerful Processor ,AI and many other things .
Here friends we know in future there will be changes

Is our smartphones will always in shape of rectangle ?
Is it possible we do all things that smartphones can do without smartphones ?
Is there will any gadget or something which replace smartphones ?

Here we also know about that accessive in the internet to living in the internet and here we shall have many devices different from smartphone like Smart eyeglass , smart necklace , smart bangles or smart watch Gadget .

Here we shall have not to be use of typing or use of keyboards. It will change into haptics and control with your voice and interact with your device.
In future the Digital assistant like Google assistantGoogle assistant , Shiri , Alexa will become very popular and The AI will play very important , They will being with you like human they can suggest you in your decision they are also a part of your life .

In future from these things we can do our all works very easily , whatever you wear a ring in your finger or bracelet or anything these will connected that if we talk about any help or talk about Social media here we talk about connect with your friends and playing games these are creating our own world , in which around you , you will take these helps

Today we down our neck and use our phone to walking on street will become change in future and these are we will seen in some year later , But here still work on smartphones to make better and better.
In future a trap made from gadget which will replace smart phones
If we talk about communication with mobile then why we use to place our phone to our ear why not we wear a glass and call came and we talk no use of hand or earpiece
If we talk about screen then why we see a bigger better or good screen why not we will put a contact lens in our eyes and watch anything we want without use of screen.

Hear are some Device which will came in 2019:-

1. OnePlus TV

Smart televisions are growing more common, and in 2019 OnePlus will join the fray as well. Rumor has it that it will support both Google Home and Amazon Echo, although it’s not clear whether OnePlus will go with the standard Android TV interface. It’s possible that like rival Xiaomi’s Patchwall, OnePlus will also go with a custom solution, the way ti uses Oxygen OS on its phones. Many are saying the OnePlus TV will also have a unique design, with very unusual materials, but at the same time, it’s expected to be priced very competitively. While the Xiaomi Mi TV was a trendsetter in 2018, it might be OnePlus that takes the trend forward in 2019

2. Anki Vector Robot Sidekick

The Anki Vector robot sidekick is one of our favorite gadgets to have launched this year! The companion robot has a charming personality, as well as a host of fun features you can interact with. They include the ability to answer your questions with a cute robotic voice, react when you touch it, and play games with you, among others.
Vector can navigate its surroundings via a built-in HD camera. We like that it can head to its charging dock on its own when its battery starts running .

3. The Echo Show

Unlike its predecessor; The Echo Show 1st generation, it is more technologically advanced, and this is not because of its 10-inch HD clear screen, but its killer Dolby sound. With the Echo Show Second generation, Alexa does not only tell you things but shows you awesome things lately such as music videos, movies, news, and so much more enticing stuff. Using this gadget, it is safe to say that the future is here as with the necessary permission, you can say hi to family and friends who also make use of the Show gadget.

4. Philips Smartsleep Headband

This gadget isn't liable to heal you of your insomnia, all it can possibly do is to help you get the most out of your sleeping time. The sleep headband helps not only to recover but to restore brain cells as well as memory and this is made possible because the headband emits a tone that improves slow wave sleep. If slow wave activity is boosted, it will aid your brain to restore and repair itself quickly.

5. Philip's 9000 Series 4k Oled TV

While most of the World population have a TV and make the best use of it in 2018, this razor-thin OLED TV is the perfect solution needed to unwind after a long day of stress at work. It makes use of the Ambilight technology which makes the screen reveal objects larger than life. Philip's 9000 Series 4k Oled TV makes viewing more three-dimensional as it softly brightens the surrounding and lovingly glows the whole room.

6. Jaybird Run

Are you constantly tripping on the wires of your headphones when running or practically exercising in general? Complain no more as the wireless jaybird headphones are here to satisfy your needs. The Jaybird run is convenient, light and do not fall off when your workout gets intense. It also has the perfect sound quality and can be really loud which of course is not dangerous and highly recommended.

7. Samsung's Modular TV - The Wall

If you are searching for more than yet another TV, why don't you look towards Samsung's latest product known as "The Wall"? Since TV shouldn't be one constant
size but able to be resizable to one's taste, Samsung has brought to the World; its first Modular 146-inch TV. Available to be positioned in different ways, it is a multi-purpose display. If having a smaller TV is what you choose for the day, the surrounding screens are adjusted to blend in with the walls. A user can also adjust to full size if so desired.

*Many more things will become change absolutely future will become too good. Hope you like this blog Do like and share.

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